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Renovation or Remodeling Your Home DIY as Concept

We provide our clients with professional expertise in managing case-specific home modification remodeling project services for their catastrophic injury cases. Our focus is to help our clients reduce risk and eliminate excess cost by providing the most successful results possible.



In order to achieve successful home modification results, you need project management that understands not only the mobility needs of the claimant, but alsoshutterstock_82313974 wheelchair Thumbs Up Photo proper construction techniques and processes that will lower costs and provide successful long-term results. Too many times we encounter previously completed projects where untrained or improperly trained personnel acting as construction professionals made improper recommendations and provided improper and or poor project results due to a lack of understanding regarding proper construction and remodeling processes, materials and techniques. In these cases, we often find that clients paid far too much for inferior quality and poor or incomplete results.

canstockphoto1641799 House Plans With Level and ToolsThe project managers on our team are all experienced construction industry professionals who have the training and knowledge in which remodeling materials, techniques and processes should and should not be used on any given project anywhere in the country. Our team members are also trained and industry-certified properly assess and qualify in-home mobility needs for the injured and disabled.

From your first call…we will manage the entire home modification process for you from start to finish.

Don’t increase your risk potential by trusting your home modification needs to unqualified providers. Call us for the professional results you need!