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It is critical with successful home modification projects that you first identify any and all risks at the property that may affect the claimant. Then and only then should you design and implement the home modifications necessary to mitigate those risks. Regularly, we are called out to homes where incomplete or improper home modifications have been made in the past and asked to make needed adjustments and or repairs to correct previous work. Employers shouldn’t have to pay twice to receive competent work!

wood rampWe provide the highest level of project results all across the country. Our professionals have the training, the credentials and the expertise to identify and mitigate in-home safety risks and insure your home modification needs are completed correctly and in a timely manner.

We provide important client support in two critical areas:

1. Identifying, documenting and communicating any and all known safety risks associated with the claimant’s prognosis relative to the current accessibility conditions in the home.

2. Designing and implementing cost-effective, accessible, reasonable and medically necessary Home Modifications to provide for the current and future in-home mobility needs of claimants.


We take great pride in providing our clients with the highest quality of service results unique to their catastrophic claim needs. We provide nationwide home modification project services wherever our clients need us in the following areas and more:

Home Accessibility Modifications

– Kitchens, Bathrooms, Doorways, Roll-in Showers, Easy-Access Shelving

Power Lifts

– Interior and Exterior Power Lifts and Accessories

Ramps, Flooring, Doorways

– Exterior and Interior Ramps, Easy-roll Flooring, Interior and Exterior Doorways, Auto Opening Doors