Residential Risk Assessment

Home Inspector Photo 2What is a Residential Risk Assessment and why do we need one?

A Residential Risk Assessment (RRA) is the first important step in the home modifications process. It is just as critical to successful catastrophic file cost management as the MSA, Cost Projection and Life Care Plan. The RRA is an important tool to successfully manage long-term catastrophic claimant costs. It is a complete report that identifies and qualifies all known long-term liability exposure risks and mitigation costs of the property given the claimant’s prognosis and current physical condition of the claimant’s residence.

But we already have a home evaluation report from the Physical Therapist?

The Physical Therapist’s home evaluation report outlines the catastrophic claimant’s mobility and ADL needs relative to their prognosis. It does not identify or detail the underlying liability risk, associated costs and various avoidance options relative to the claimant’s mobility and residential modification needs.

Is your Physical TherapistHome Inspector trained and certified in home modifications for disabled and injured persons? ADA standards for interior and exterior design? Proper residential modification construction techniques? Local and state construction code compliance? Do they hold the proper construction industry certifications in order to make these important recommendations? If not, will their current insurance provide liability coverage for this type of consulting work performed outside the scope of their direct professional accreditation?

Physical/Occupational therapy and specialized residential construction and remodeling are two completely different professional disciplines. Would you hire a home modification contractor to provide a physical therapy program for an injured claimant? no? Then why would you hire a physical or occupational therapist to design and provide home modification recommendations and construction/remodeling services?

To ensure success and avoid failure, make sure you are hiring the correct professional provider and skill set for the service you need!

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