ADA Standards

   I am often asked why we as a company adhere to Americans with Disabilities Act standards in our work when these standards are actually only mandated for commercial properties or residences that directly serve the public? The answer is simple… Safety and Liability. In today’s world, every successful business must manage safety and liability issues on a daily basis. These issues exert major influence on virtually any ongoing or future business effort.

ADA standards have been developed and refined over years and years of detailed engineering study under the direct influence of governmental oversight. These standards were developed and put into law for a reason; to mitigate mobility obstacles that would otherwise be harsh or not navigable by injured and disabled individuals.

To those who would say that ADA standards are only for commercial facilities to provide public access, I would ask:

  • Is the turning radius needed for a wheelchair user to turn around different in a restaurant bathroom than it is in a bathroom at home?
  • Is the safe slope of a ramp a wheelchair user would need to enter a building somehow different than that same wheelchair user would need to safely enter their own home?
  • Should the height of a wash sink be somehow different for a wheelchair user in a gas station than it should be in their own home?

The answer to all of these questions is of course… No!

As we work through the process of caring for the injured and disabled in our society, and as industry professionals, we all want to do what is right and the proper thing to do. In providing the best care and safety for the injured, why wouldn’t we want to adhere to the highest known standard when and where applicable? And by doing so, also fulfill our corporate obligation to mitigate liability wherever and whenever possible. What more honest effort could we make other than conforming to ADA standards?

At ada-home-services-tagline, we understand that the best care for the injured and disabled is the best business solution for our clients. We work at adhering to ADA standards every day. This is why we put it in our name. It is our commitment to the injured and disabled and to you… our clients.