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shutterstock_162913205 wheelchair handADA Home Services is a nationwide leader in providing comprehensive home modification accessibility construction and project management services. We provide our clients with professional expertise in risk reduction and cost reduction with proper in-home accessibility needs assessment and successful home modification project management of their catastrophic claims.

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 ADA-Coord-LogoIf you have a case that needs home modification work, please give us an opportunity to work for you and show you how we are different from other providers you may have worked with in the past. You have my personal guarantee that your home modification project will be a 100% success.Clear Space A free-and-clear space with minimum dimensions of at least 30" x 48" must be provided to accommodate a single wheelchair. This space must be designed for a forward or parallel approach to the toilet and other necessary equipment. Sometimes that clear space may be partially located under current fixtures such as a sink, as long as there is enough room and space to allow legs to move freely under those spaces when sitting in a wheelchair.The average local contractor does not have the experience, training or credentials to be doing this type of disabled accessibility modification work. They end up providing incomplete and or marginal results in the end. We are often called in after-the-fact by insurers to redesign, repair and reconstruct in-home accessibility for claimants AFTER shoddy and incomplete local contractor work!Is your Physical Therapist trained and certified in home modifications for disabled and injured persons? ADA standards for interior and exterior design? Environmental access design? Proper residential modification construction techniques? Do they hold the proper industry certifications in order to make these important recommendations? If not, will their insurance provide liability coverage for this type of consulting work performed outside the scope of their direct professional accreditations?